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Amadeus data reveals winning strategies for French travel companies ahead of the Olympics taking place in Paris in 2024

MENA Region Elevates Interest in Travel to France Ahead of Paris Olympics 2024

Fresh insights unveiled today by Amadeus, a prominent technology ally for the worldwide travel sector, shed light on the escalating traveler interest in anticipation of the Summer Games.

Six months ahead of the Olympics taking place in Paris in 2024, flight searches to France for the dates just before and after the games – from July 23 to August 15 2024 – are already surging by 25% compared to the same period last year.

The Amadeus Intelligence data has zeroed in on three significant trends that are positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the travel landscape in France in the coming months. If used wisely, this insight offers valuable opportunities for businesses to enhance their market share and capitalize on the enthusiasm of sports fans this summer.

Flight searches to France are surging from all over the world

The top five countries searching for flights to France are the United States, Great Britain, Brazil, Spain and Canada. But with most of the Olympic games being held in Paris, it’s no surprise that the demand for flights to the French capital has surged, reaching 33% higher compared to the same period last year.

When it comes to travel to the French capital, Germans are at the top of the leaderboard. Searches from Germany to Paris increased by an astounding 144% for travel dates between July 23 and August 15th in 2024, compared to the same dates last year.

Meanwhile, searches from the US to Paris for the same period are up 72%, with the UK (60%) and Brazil (50%) taking third and fourth place for year-on-year growth. The rest of Europe and the Americas are also showing a spike in interest in flights to Paris: searches grew by 34% and 29% respectively in those regions. Finally, searches from the Asia Pacific region saw a 15% increase and flights from MENA a 10% bump. But don´t forget domestic travelers: interest in flights to Paris from other parts of France has grown by 54%

MENA Region\’s Impact on Travel to Paris:

Searches from MENA (AE, DZ, KW, MA, QA, SA) to Paris for the specified dates increased by an impressive 10% compared to the same period last year. The region\’s interest in travel to France underscores a growing enthusiasm for international events, with travelers seeking diverse experiences.

The data also reveals that most searches from MENA are for within-week trips and extended 7+ day trips, with a preference for longer durations over weekend getaways. Weekend trips, although showing the highest growth percentage (17%), represent the lowest volume, while within-week trips exhibit a significant growth of 14%.

The average stay duration remains stable at around 7.4 days, showcasing a consistent preference for a one-week stay among travelers. Interestingly, the average and median advance purchase days are lower in 2024 than in 2023, indicating a trend towards more spontaneous decision-making.

Because of the Olympics, travel from UAE to Paris stands out with a remarkable 60% increase in searches for travel dates between July 23 and August 15, 2024, compared to the same period last year. Most searches from the UAE are for trips within a week or longer than seven days, reflecting a preference for extended stays rather than weekend getaways.

Travellers from the UAE initiated their search for Paris trips three days earlier on average and six days earlier based on the median, compared to the same period last year. This shift suggests a heightened eagerness among UAE travelers to plan and secure their travel arrangements well in advance.

Lille, Lyon and Marseille will see Olympic excitement.

Paris is not the only city to benefit from Olympic tourism. Amadeus data sees big interest in other corners of France. In particular, flight searches to Marseille, Lyon and Lille, which are hosting various competitions, are also taking off:

  • Lille: This northern town, where basketball and handball games will take place, is experiencing an exceptional 100% increase in both international and domestic flight searches. The city is seeing the highest growth rates from the United States (118%) and Germany (111%).
  • Lyon: Meanwhile football fans will be flooding to Lyon. Searches to this destination are soaring domestically with an impressive 70% rise, and internationally, they\’re catching attention with a 19% increase. Lyon is getting some extra love from Japan and the United States, with flight searches spiking by an incredible 123% and 118%, respectively.
  • Marseille: Flight searches to Marseille, where football and sailing competitions will be hosted, are also picking up steam, with a solid 13% uptick in both domestic and international interest. Again, the Americans, Japanese and Germans are really getting on board, each showing an impressive 70% surge in flight searches.

One-week stays are still the norm

Despite the surge in travel interest, the average stay duration remains a steadfast seven days. Travelers planning trips to France exhibit a shortened search lead time, with an average of 3.5 days less compared to 2023. This indicates that the excitement surrounding the Olympics taking place in Paris in 2024 is prompting swift decision-making among sports enthusiasts. The data underscores that, while there is a surge in interest, the traditional one-week stay remains the preferred choice for most visitors.

Understandably, travelers coming from far away are more likely to stay longer. Brazilians are likely to stay an average of 9 days, while people from the Asia Pacific region are likely to stay for 12.

Key take aways

To sum it up, the insights shared by Amadeus in the lead-up to the Olympics taking place in Paris in 2024 reveal a dynamic tapestry of opportunities and trends for travel marketers.

From a pronounced increase in global interest and a trend towards spontaneous decision-making to the expanding influence on cities beyond Paris, the data paints a lively picture of the evolving travel landscape. As sports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the spectacle, travel marketers can harness these patterns to design flexible and targeted strategies, ensuring they navigate the evolving landscape and cater to the diverse preferences of travelers heading to France.

Regional travel marketers—even outside of Paris, Lille, Lyon and Marseilles—have an opportunity to develop targeted campaigns for their destinations, showcasing unique experiences and attractions, and collaborating with local businesses to create a compelling narrative for sports travelers. In particular, targeted campaigns focused on German, American, British, Brazilian and of course, French tourists, may show the most benefit.

Finally, despite the surge in interest, the traditional one-week stay remains the preferred choice for most travelers. The most successful travel marketers will design marketing materials and packages that align with the one-week stay preference and emphasize the immersive Olympic experience while accommodating this common duration.

The journey ahead promises not just an upswing in travel but an expedition brimming with strategic possibilities and the potential for unforgettable experiences for those ready to embrace the Olympic spirit.

Origin of Data: These data points are based on research by Amadeus data science teams. Data is drawn from a custom search dataset, Amadeus Master Pricer, and Amadeus Agency Insights. Amadeus Air Search Travel Data is the most complete suite of air data in the travel industry and includes shopping transactions performed by +2,500 customers including the world’s top travel agencies. It consists of consolidated data generated by daily transactions.

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