Both entities to provide business support to Indian companies looking to set up in the UAE

The UAE Royal family backed entity, Directions Investments Holding Co. (DIHC), under the Chairmanship of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan and Franchise India, Ltd, the largest franchise and management company in South Asia announce a strategic partnership to support Indian businesses that wish to set up their Manufacturing, Retail, Trading, Representation or Marketing office in UAE.

The alliance will open a gateway for competitive advantage in exploiting opportunities and avoiding pitfalls when operating in the MENA and APAC regions by Indian Companies.

With about 3.3 million Indian migrants in the UAE alone (according to the UN’s migration report in 2017), constituting almost 27-plus percent of its population, it is a big competitive advantage for an Indian company to plan its expansion in the UAE.

Franchise India Ltd  under the Chairmanship of Mr. Gaurav Marya seeks to assist Indian companies with setting up their Local Limited liability company and do business with government and private companies in the UAE under the direct guidance of the Royal Family office.

“Through our Value Added Services Program, we provide a platform where our JV partners and Sponsorship Program, find the necessary elements to launch, grow and succeed” said Zulfiquar Ghadiyali, DIHC.

Globalization and global markets are of considerable relevance, principally owing to the pragmatic growth effects of cross- border enterprise and investment. Moreover the next normal comes with a highly potent business environment, where approaches to incorporate sustainability and resiliency to withstand the uncharted outside shocks becomes equally important for decision making and strategic planning by business owners.

The presence of a huge Indian diaspora is a big plus for Indian companies for zeroing down in the UAE and is a great market to replicate a successful Indian business model. Being an affluent market where retail is quite well developed, the potential market is as big as many other emerging markets but highly concentrated.

Expertise and Experience about the Laws of the land is vital to start a business in the UAE market. The Investor Friendly UAE Government has been taking steps to make the process easier for Indian consumer and manufacturing brands to enter the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi. Finding a trustworthy sponsor or partner can be tedious for Indian entrepreneurs and that is where this channel partnership will make theprocess easier and shorter” said Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India.

The Project is to create visibility and attract leading investors, businesses and organisations to understand the commercial and competitive capabilities of Abu Dhabi by recommending participation in and through specifically curated relevant programs, site tours, inward delegations and networking forums.

About Franchise India

Headquartered in Delhi, the financial capital of India, Franchise India ltd (FIL) is a dynamic international Franchise, investment research, business set-up and advisory organisation with over three decades of expertise in collaborating and working alongside Government, regulatory bodies, international organisations, ports, special economic zones, trade and industry from across all verticals. Professionals at Franchise India have the proficiency and understanding in exactly how markets across geographies function and specialise in connecting with global markets for bilateral investments and business establishment.

Franchise India facilitates wide-ranging solutions and strategic market intelligence services across the globe. Our expertise includes development and promotion of cross border inward and outward investments, foreign trade representations and international business set-ups through end- to-end long term strategic solutions for establishing commercial alliances and joint ventures across the globe.

We believe every stakeholder is unique and has its own exclusive business and investment requirements and as such in order to meet every individual region’s inward/outward specific investment requirement.

About Directions Investment Holding Co. (DIHC)

A diversified business group headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, chaired by Private office of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, DIHC operates in the Middle Eastern, Asian and African Markets, maintaining the Highest of Business relationships with our International consultants/industry experts and partners in Over 120 countries throughout Europe, Americas, MENA and APAC regions.

The long-term vision of DIHC is based upon developing a high value, high impact business portfolio through its strategic Business Units (SBU’s or sponsored companies) with a clear direction and appropriate core competencies within each Business unit that includes an emphasis on leading industry expertise. The group operations along with SBU management, work to identify and filter business opportunities that are aligned to the Groups Strategic Direction, capabilities and market positioning to create a competitive age through unique solutions